7 Most Common Reasons For Ac Repairs

Is there anything more dreadful than a hot and muggy summer in Diamond Springs? How about coming home from work to a broken air conditioning unit?

So many of the emergency Ac repairs in Diamond Springs calls we get are preventable. People just aren’t aware of the most widespread causes of air conditioner troubles and how to be proactive with maintenance to deter them.

So, we thought it would be beneficial to talk about seven of the most popular causes of air conditioner troubles –

  • Outdoor Fan Problems

The major function of the outdoor fan is to disperse heat from inside your house to the outside. A damaged outdoor fan can stave off efficient heat transfer, which will affect the cooling ability of your air conditioning system and affect your cooling system’s efficiency.

  • Corrosion

When wires combine with vapor, corrosion occurs. Corrosion affects terminals and wires related to your air conditioning system, and this will make your cooling unit turn on and off.

Commonly, corrosion makes your air conditioner struggle to achieve its potential functionality. It might also lead to a complete breakdown.

  • Sensor Issues

Some cooling systems have a built-in thermostat sensor. If the sensor is not working the way it should, it might not gauge the air passing into the evaporator coils correctly.

The sensor should be close to the coil but not in touch with it. A skilled technician can help inspect your AC and alter the sensor’s position.

  • Dirt and Debris

Every part of your air conditioning system must be clean for it to work properly. Evaporator coils, electric panels, and air filters must be free from silt and junk. Too much dust and grime blanketing particular areas of your system can decrease your system’s efficiency as well as pump contaminants into your home.

  • Clogged Drains

During adequate functioning, your air AC removes moisture from the air that needs to go somewhere. The water should travel through a drain line into the pan and ultimately down a pipe that drains outside of your residence.

If the pan is full or the drain clogged, the condensation can collect in the drain pan and overflow to ruin a floor, ceiling and stop your air conditioning unit from cooling.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioning system’s evaporator coils are accountable for capturing heat from the air. For adequate airflow, the coils require warm air moving around them. If the evaporator coils get very cold for some reason, there is something wrong.

  • Low Refrigerant

Your AC depends on refrigerant to eliminate heat and humidity from the air inside your residence. Occasionally leaks in the refrigerant lines will cause low refrigerant. When this happens, your air conditioner loses its ability to cool the air. This air conditioner repair is more complicated than just filling the lost refrigerant. The leak source must first be identified, and any holes in lines must then be overhauled. This makes for a time-consuming and often costly air AC repair.

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