What Are 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know?

HVAC systems regulate the temperature in a house or building and improve air quality. In addition, given that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, we need a system that aids in maintaining a clean environment for us. To ensure its proper functioning, it is vital to do routine maintenance on the equipment by experienced AC contractors in Folsom, CA.

Common Troubleshooting Tips For HVAC Systems.

This article outlines 5 HVAC maintenance and troubleshooting recommendations that every homeowner should be aware of to keep their unit operating efficiently.

  • Remove any Waste From the Area Around the Unit

When debris such as leaves, branches, or snow collects on and around your HVAC unit, it can prevent it from receiving the air it needs to function correctly, leading to expensive repairs. Keep the fan running to prevent the motor from overheating, and you may do so by sweeping any debris gathered within the device.

  • It is Time to Replace the Air Filters

When the HVAC system does not function properly, clogged, obsolete, or dusty air filters are likely to create issues. When the filters become clogged or obstructed with debris, the system may have to work harder to accomplish the desired results.

After 90 days, filters must be replaced by AC companies in Folsom, CA, and should be replaced more frequently than once per month if they are damaged or not performing correctly.

If you are concerned that there may be an issue with your heating and air conditioning system, monitoring your thermostat will provide you with the answers you need.

If you set the temperature on your thermostat and notice that it does not adjust appropriately, it could indicate that your equipment is malfunctioning. Remember that you should always maintain the same temperature on the thermostat; (this is another crucial piece of advice).

  • Conducting a Power Supply and Circuit Breaker Inspection

If your air conditioner does not turn on, you should examine its power connections to ensure they are correctly attached. Additionally, if your system can start, you should check the circuit breakers to see if they are engaged.

It is feasible for the circuit breakers to turn off the power supply if there is an overabundance of electricity. Still, it is also conceivable for someone to accidentally turn off the switches and breakers. Before calling your technician, you should determine whether your location is experiencing a power outage.

  • Supply and Return Vents

The supply and return vent can influence the HVAC system’s operational efficiency. You are responsible for maintaining a safe space between impediments and the HVAC system. You must make every effort to ensure that the HVAC system has a clear path through which air can move freely.


Even though troubleshooting techniques from AC companies in Folsom, CA, can help you identify problems with your HVAC system, you will not be able to solve them all by yourself. It would be best to defer to a skilled professional’s judgment.

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