4 Simple Steps To Improve Cooling Efficiency This Summer

A cool room with fresh air on a hot summer day seems the best combination. Everyone needs an AC to ease the days of scorching heat. Hence, it is important to look after your AC to improve its performance.

Essential Air is one of the promising AC companies in Folsom, CA, and will provide you with various services for your HVAC system. Here are four simple steps that you should consider to improve the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner:

Step 1: Change and Clean the Filters

One of the initial steps to improve the AC efficiency is to get the HVAC filters clean and replace them. If you are due with an AC servicing, your AC filters must have collected layers of dust in them.

Dirty filters can cause an air blockage in the AC and also cause a decrease in inefficiency. It is a must to get the filters cleaned regularly. Over the years, the filters of the HVAC system get worn out. It is quite natural for an old AC to have damaged filters.

Hence, it is a must to get those damaged filters replaced. Changing and cleaning filters improve the air quality and save your AC from malfunction.

Step 2: Consistent Thermostat Setting

Frequently changing the temperatures of your AC can result in future problems. Set your AC to a consistent temperature and allow it to cool the room at its own pace. A steady temperature of an HVAC unit can enhance performance and prolong health.

It is advised to keep the temperature at -78 degrees since it is favorable for maintaining a balance indoors and outdoors. Keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature also helps you to save up electrical energy. The more energy it consumes, the higher the electricity bill.

Step 3: Benefit from the Ceiling Fan

By installing a ceiling fan in your house, you can help your air conditioner cool your room. It reduces dependence on the air conditioner and hence ensures efficiency.

The best use of a ceiling fan is to see whether the ceiling fan is rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. During summers, the fan should move in an anti-clockwise way for efficient purposes. Using a ceiling fan simultaneously with the air conditioner can help you keep a consistent room temperature.

Step 4: Regular AC Servicing

Remember the air conditioning of your HVAC system was not in use during the winter season. Therefore, the AC is likely due to getting a maintenance check.

AC services include deep cleaning, supervision of internal parts, and regular tune-ups for the AC. This kind of service helps to extend the lifespan of your system and keep it healthful. Schedule an appointment with a professional technician for a regular service to enhance the HVAC unit’s performance.

Since the summer is almost around the nook, it is essential to look out for its better performance. AC maintenance ensures that the wear and tear of the system are repaired early to avoid bigger damage in the future. If you cannot understand which services your AC unit needs, contact us at 530-919-0183 for AC contractors in Folsom, CA, for guidance.