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Ductless AC Repair: Self Maintenance Versus Professional Service

A ductless AC system is a great alternative to central air systems that require extensive ductwork to operate. In fact a ductless AC system is an exceptionally cost-effective way to cool your home if you live in a warm climate like Diamond Springs, CA. Like all HVAC systems though, your new setup requires regular maintenance. We’re going to look at ductless AC repair, analyzing maintenance you can perform yourself versus the jobs that require a professional. Contact Us Today for Ductless AC Repair In Diamond Springs, Folsom, El Dorado, CA and Surrounding Areas.

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Do-it-yourself Maintenance

Even though ductless AC units run more efficiently than their central air counterparts, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on routine maintenance. Do-it-yourself ductless AC repair and maintenance is essential in order to keep a functioning unit. Here are the key steps. 

Keep your blower unit clean

Ductless AC units quickly accumulate deposits of dust around the blower. Take a rag or damp cloth and clean the outside of the blower on a regular basis as part of your house cleaning routine in order to prevent costly blockages from occurring in the future.  

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Eliminate obstructions around
the blower unit

Most ductless AC units are installed on the wall. For optimal cooling, you’ve got to carefully consider where you place the unit though. Make sure there are no obstructions, like wall hanging, overhead lighting, or support beams obstructing the unit’s airflow. 

Check the unit's filter

Ductless AC systems feature a filter on the indoor blower unit that filters out particulate such as dust or pet dander. Make sure to remove the filter and clean it on a monthly basis to avoid more costly ductless AC repairs. 

Clean and inspect the condenser

Don’t forget about the condenser unit outside your home either! The fins and coil on the outside unit can easily become inundated by environmental debris. After turning off the unit’s power, use a garden hose to flush out dirt from the condenser’s fins. 

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When Should You Call a Professional?

Simple ductless AC repairs and maintenance are one thing, but sometimes a professional touch is required. For any issue that involves the unit’s internal components, electrical wiring, or refrigerant lines, a professional ductless AC repair service is recommended. While some intrepid home repair enthusiasts might feel at home working with the mechanics of a ductless system, mechanical work is best left to a professional.  

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