How Can I Cool My Room If My AC Is Broken?

Facing an issue with the air conditioner during peak summers can be a huge inconvenience. Bearing heat is a difficult task, especially with a broken air conditioner sitting in front of us. Heat decreases our productivity, makes us irritable, and nothing seems to bring relief. Though air conditioning service in Diamond Springs is quite easily and rapidly available, waiting in heat while getting fixed is another dilemma altogether.

Fortunately, we have a list of DIY solutions to help you through this problem. In situations where you are looking to utilize your air conditioner smartly, or the air conditioner has to be fixed, the following tricks will come in handy.

Work With Ceiling Fans

In the absence of air conditioners, ceiling fans are your best friends. Ensure that the fan rotates counterclockwise, forcing the warm air to move up. Additionally, you can angle the fan towards the hotter part of the house and against the cooler part. This helps in throwing out the hot air and creating cool cross breezes.

Cover Up with Curtains

One of the biggest sources of heat is the sunlight that enters through windows. Covering up the windows with blinds, curtains, or shades is one of the most effective ways of cooling your home.

Decrease Humidity

Humidity makes the summer heat worse. The sticky, thick air due to humidity increases discomfort. Investing in a dehumidifier and managing humidity can lessen the heat.

Turn Off the Lights

For a cooler climate during the day, try turning off all the lights. If you require lights, be selective in the lamps you choose, such as CFL, LED light bulbs, etc.

Postpone Your Cooking Activities

Nothing heats the home like a 400-degree oven. It is wise to reschedule your cooking plans to keep the home cool during the day. Moreover, you can opt for outside grilling or recipes that do not require the assistance of extreme heat.

Insulate Your House

Conserve as much cool air in your home as you can through insulation. Ensure that all the doors are shut, and no spaces under the door or gaps in the windows let the cool air escape.

Cooling Mattress, Pillows, and Sheets

The mattress technology has helped in providing cooling at night. There are several varieties of cooling mattresses, pillows, and sheets with moisture-wicking covers and breathable foam cores that keep you cool and cozy.

Keep the Windows Open at Night

If you live in a location that gets cooler at night, use it to your advantage by opening up windows at night and letting the cool breeze enter. However, ensure to shut them in the morning before the sun sizzles up your home again.

All of these tips combined are a powerful source of cooling in the absence of your air conditioner. Nonetheless, these may seem impractical in the long term. Acquiring the aid of air conditioning contractors in Diamond Springs like Essential Air offers immense relief. To get your broken AC fixed, visit us today!