How Can You Make Your AC Cool Faster?

The new era of AC systems provides better temperature and humidity control. If used appropriately and maintained suitably, they are also more energy-efficient and will provide years of smooth service and cool air without heightening your utility bills.

The first step is to buy an AC unit of the right size, cargo, and good energy star rating to influence power consumption. Secondly, make sure that your Air Conditioning installation has been done properly at the appropriate height and on the right wall for furnishing efficient cooling. Finally, maintain and use the air conditioning unit, optimally and sharply. A well-maintained AC consumes less energy and helps you regulate your energy bills to a great extent.

Here are a few tips that will significantly help how you make your AC cool faster

Dehumidify the Air

One trick of an AC is that they remove moisture-laden air from the room in addition to providing cooled air. You can simulate the latter with a dehumidifier. High-quality dehumidifiers can eliminate as much as seventy pints of water per day from your house.

Switch Off Lights and Exhaust Fan in the Room

Turn extra lights off to decrease the heat level in the room so that the air conditioning unit has to work less. Switch on the air conditioner before it gets too hot, not to have to enervate to replenish the air. Turn off the exhaust fans throughout the house when the air conditioning unit is on to maintain the cool air.

Keep the Windows and Doors Shut

Avert opening the doors repeatedly to stave off the cool air from escaping the room. Curb direct sunlight from permeating the room. Use blinds and shades to keep the room cool. To deter any leakage of air, examine the area around the doors and windows for spaces and weather-strip them as soon as possible.

It is suggested to check for gaps in the seal between the window frame and air conditioning unit to prevent air leakage. The seal may lose its grip over time because of the moisture; therefore, you must ensure that it is not loose.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

You are a wise energy user if you’ve been using your ceiling fan in the winter. During the winters, ceiling fans on the clockwise setting better distribute warm air. But this is precisely what you want to evade during the summer months.

Ceiling fans reverse in numerous ways, so evaluate your product instructions. Many fans have the reverse setting on the remote control. Other fans will reverse direction by pulling the chain or by flipping a switch on the side of the fan.

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