How Long Does It Take To Replace An AC?

The time taken for an AC replacement depends on several variables. It can be completed in a few hours for a small-sized AC unit at an easily accessible location. While for remote locations and ducted air conditioners, a week comes as a minimum to complete the replacement.

On average, you can complete your AC replacement in one day, however, contact experts at AC repair in Folsom, CA, for more detailed information.

Elements Determining The Amount Of Time Required For AC Replacement.

  • Size of your AC unit

It is true that a small AC unit can be installed more quickly than a larger one. If you have a small and cozy house, smaller ACs will work best for you.

If you have high ceilings and large open frames, you would need a bulkier AC. In the case of ducted air conditioner systems, new vents and ducts might need to be installed, which takes extra time, adding days to your schedule.

  • Type of AC to be installed

If you choose a split air conditioner, the installation will involve drilling and installing two separate units, indoor and outdoor.

However, if you choose a packaged air conditioner, you will be free of the hassle of installing two separate units. It is a small, single, compact AC unit that can be installed in closed spaces on the roof. The installation is even quicker than split ACs.

  • The number of AC units to be installed

As it says, if your home requires the installation of more than one AC unit, the time will increase and vice versa. For instance, one AC unit could be installed in one day, while 4 to 5 AC units could take two to three days.

  • Type of system replacement

You could complete the system replacement in two ways: changeout and full-system replacement. In a changeout, all the existing ductwork, vents, and wirings stay the same, while only the main AC units are replaced. It takes less time than full-system replacement.

All the previously installed ductwork, vents, and electrical arrangements will be redone and reconstructed for the full system. It could take up to a week, as the unit change takes one day, while the rest of the extensive ductwork needs consistent monitoring.

  • Location of AC to be installed

If your AC unit needs to be installed in an open and well-ventilated space, it will be easier and quicker than the same installation in a crawlspace or narrow basement. An accessible wall, attic, or basement is ideal for your AC replacement to go faster.

  • Issues with ductwork and electrical wirings

The most important factor in AC replacement is the presence of previous defective components. If you had issues with previous ductwork and vents, you should repair these parts and not replace the entire AC unit. Ensure all the electrical wiring and circuits are working fine so that the replacement process is not halted.

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