How Long Does It Take To Tune Up A Furnace?

Almost every homeowner asks the HVAC experts the most common query about how long a tune-up service takes because people remain worried about the chilling weather outside. Expert furnace companies such as Essential Air in Folsom, CA, provide regular furnace maintenance services.

The time for a furnace tune-up in Folsom, CA, depends on the system’s condition and the technicians’ efficiency. Keep in mind that the tune-up process is a complex one.

Some Factors Involved In The Tune-Up Time

  • Air Duct Cleaning

A furnace tune-up in Folsom, CA, is incomplete without cleaning the air ducts. These ducts are responsible for carrying heat from the furnace and distributing it in the rooms. Due to the constant work, the ducts may develop leaks or damage that need immediate attention. We believe restoring the maximum capacity of these ducts takes patience and time.

  • The Combustion Chamber Cleaning

Combustion is one of the essential parts of a furnace. This chamber is prone to develop leaks or damage due to corrosion. The technicians of a trusted furnace company such as Essential Air in Folsom, CA, vacuum it and seal the damages with utmost skill and care.

  • The Burners Cleaning and Adjusting

Another significant task of a furnace tune-up process in Folsom, CA is adjusting and cleaning the burners, as they are responsible for lighting the blue flame in the furnace. This flame is a sign of a healthy furnace. Without cleaning and adjusting it adequately, a homeowner will face difficulty in the future.

  • The Thermostat Calibration

A thermostat is a special piece of equipment responsible for managing the heat across your house. You must pay attention to the thermostat to ensure the temperature is balanced in your rooms. The technicians of the furnace tune-up service in Folsom, CA, recalibrate the unit and run a test to check its efficiency.

  • Inspecting the Heat Exchanger

Due to the constant furnace work, a heat exchanger will run into problems, and this happens due to corrosion phenomena and pressure differences. That is where a deep inspection of the unit becomes essential. The experts will repair the damage during the tune-up process if there is any issue.

  • Ensuring the Capacity of the Air Filters

A heating system works efficiently when the air can pass through the filters without hindrance. The air filters can become the dirtiest among all other parts of a furnace. The furnace companies in Folsom, CA, always ask the homeowners to be extra careful with the filters due to this reason.


While you can clean these filters on your own, you may want the experts to do this job because it requires expertise to handle complex situations. A DIY method will consume much more time, and you may expose your system to several risks as well. Avoid these unwanted problems and hire a professional furnace company in Folsom, CA, i.e., Essential Air.

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