How Long Is Too Long For An Air Conditioner To Run?

During summers, the last thing you care about is the hours your air conditioner runs. You may tell that it is the sole purpose of an air conditioner; to keep you comfortable and relaxed when it’s scorching hot outside. However, there is a limit for every electric appliance that constantly runs during the day. If you are wondering whether it is normal or not for your air conditioner to work all day, we are here to clarify and help you understand the core causes.

How Long is Too Long for an Air Conditioner to Run?

Usually, an AC unit should run for approximately 15-20 minutes before it shuts off when the temperature is normal outside. However, the cycles can differ according to the humidity. The AC cycles of your compressor should never be too short or too long. A short cycle that shuts off your AC unit before ten minutes is caused due to an oversized unit. We suggest you rely on a company offering air conditioning services in Diamond Springs.

If your air conditioner runs all day without a break, it may cause a surge in your power bills. Hence, getting your annual air conditioner maintenance and a proper-sized AC unit is better to avoid further problems.

Five Reasons your Air Conditioner Runs All Day:

Size of the Unit

A huge air conditioner may reduce the run time in short cycles, but it highly impacts the humidity percentage as your space cools very quickly. An AC cycle should always be moderate so that your air conditioner gets time to dehumidify your indoors before it cools.

Outside Temperature

The hotter it is outside, the more effort your air conditioner may have to put in to bring a cooling effect. It normally won’t be a big issue during humid days unless your air conditioner fails to cool.

Thermostat Settings

If the thermostat is set to the lowest, the air conditioner may take the longest time to cool. Make sure to change the settings to prevent your air conditioner from running too long and cut the additional running cost.

The Blocked Flow of Air

When you trust reliable sources for air conditioning repairs in Diamond Springs, you will be assured of the detailed services that enable your air conditioner to work smoothly. If you find your air filters are dirty and have stayed there too long, it may be time to replace them soon.

AC Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are one of the main reasons your air conditioner is running too long. The refrigerant must never go out of hand, and if you find any leaks around the AC unit, the system may take more than 15 minutes to cool your space. Therefore, consider calling an expert to examine the minor faults and getting them repaired.


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