How Long Should AC Run Before Shutting Off?

Getting an AC tune-up in Diamond Springs is one of best things you can do for your AC unit. The air conditioner fan draws air over the coil and forces it via the ducts that enter the rooms to reduce the temperature throughout the building. This cooling cycle takes a few minutes to reach the proper temperature. It is switched off to conserve energy and stop the air from getting too cold inside.

1. Air conditioner’s Brief Cycle

Depending on the air’s temperature and humidity, the compressor may run for a few minutes to many hours. A short cycle occurs when the compressor stops working before the air has had a chance to cool. However, a brief cycle has no predetermined duration. Unless it occurs repeatedly and quite quickly, this normally goes unreported.

2. The Air Conditioner Runs in Shorter Cycles

If the air conditioner runs in shorter cycles than seven minutes or longer than ten minutes, there is unquestionably a problem. Due to repeated on-and-off processes, short cycles will overload your air conditioner and cause needless electricity use. A humid environment will also come from it.

3. Factors that Determine the Air Conditioner Functions

Three factors determine how long an air conditioner will continue to function:

The cooling cycle of an air conditioner should continue until the house feels entirely cool. There is no set time limit. Instead, until the required temperature is attained on the thermostat, the cooling cycle is intended to draw cooler air within the house.

4. Air Conditioner Cooling Cycle

Experts advise that an air conditioner’s cooling cycle should last at least 15 minutes. The compressor and air handler spread the desired cooling across the space during this time. However, we can refer to this cycle as being short and needing immediate repair if it is disturbed and decreased to 10 minutes. To determine whether the air filter needs to be replaced if your air conditioner cycles quickly.

To fix this problem, one can alternatively install a new filter. More recently, high-efficiency air conditioning systems use about half as much electricity. Decide to buy a new system. Make sure to look at the SEER ratings. The more efficient the system is, the higher the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).


Air conditioning contractors in Diamond Springs may need to run more frequently than necessary, which may cost you extra money. If one is worried, the best option is to contact a specialist and tell them about the air conditioner system operating consistently.

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