How Much Does It Cost To Replace An AC Unit In California?

Replacing your old air conditioner and installing a new one is a significant investment. In this case, opting for AC replacement in Folsom, CA, is a good decision, as older models become inefficient over time and need frequent repairs.

On average, the cost to install a central AC in California ranges between $5,000 to $20,000. The price range is wide because every air conditioner installation is different. And many things are involved in the installation process, making the prices unstable.

Factors Affecting The Cost.

Several factors play a necessary role in determining the cost of replacing an air conditioning unit, such as:

  • SEER Ratings

Take a look at the SEER rating before upgrading your AC. The SEER rating tells us the energy efficiency of an AC, which helps in comparing the efficiencies of different air conditioners. A higher rating means higher efficiency.

Today the minimum SEER accepted is 14. But many more efficient air conditioners in the market have SEER 16 and above. To make the perfect choice for your home, you can take the help of a professional.

  • Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of the air conditioners is measured in tonnage. The higher the tonnage, the more the AC cost will be. Most residential AC units range between 1 to 5 tons. It is necessary to get a proper size AC suitable for your home.

Improper AC sizing can lead to a short lifespan, costly repairs, and high energy bills. So, if you are wondering what size matches your home’s needs, the best way to find the perfect size AC for your home is to get a load calculation performed by a professional.

  • Ease of Installation

If replacing your AC unit is tough, and there are many particular difficulties in carrying out this job, you will have to pay extra. For instance, if you are replacing rooftop AC on a multi-storeyed building that requires a specialized crane and more labor, the cost will be higher than usual.

You should get several bids from different installation companies before selecting one, as it will help you determine the actual installation cost.

  • Upgrades

Installing components such as HEPA filters, whole house humidifiers, or UV lighting to upgrade the system will increase your replacement cost.

Depending on the size, HEPA filters can range between $200 to $500. Whole house cleaners can cost you between $1,000 to $4,000.

  • Professionals You Select

The company you have selected for getting the replacement will greatly affect the amount you have to pay for the service. Large companies usually charge more; there are some benefits.

If any problem arises due to incorrect installation, the company will take responsibility for correcting it. The problem with a smaller company is that you won’t be sure who will be responsible if something goes wrong.


Getting an AC replacement is not an easy task, and it would be better to take help from professionals. We at Essential Air are experts in providing the best AC installation in Folsom, CA. Do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you with all your HVAC needs.