How To Check Your Heating System Before Winter Hits

With the arrival of winter, homeowners want their heating systems to be in their best working state. Essential air is one of the most trusted heating companies in Diamond Springs that helps residents make the best use of their heating system throughout the season.

Homeowners need to prepare their heating system before the winter arrives, as repairs during the winter can be frustrating and time-consuming. Trouble-shooting these faults before the cold season hits can reduce the chances of unwanted repairs and ensure greater efficiency during the season.

Some Tips That All Homeowners Must Know To Maintain their Heating System Before The Winter Hits:

The thermostat is one of the essential parts of the heating system. It regulates the temperature of the heating system depending on the environment. Any fault with the system can influence the efficiency of the heating system.

  • Change the Filters

The filters help to circulate pure and fresh air in the home as they filter dirt and debris from the air. With frequent use, this dirt and debris accumulate in the filters and clog them. It induces unnecessary pressure and workload on the system. Therefore, it is essential to clean the air filters regularly. An expert technician can help the owners perform this task.

Homeowners should do a regular checkup of the ductwork as it prevents air leaks. Air leaks can severely affect the heating system’s efficiency and put unnecessary pressure on the system.

It is essential to brush and inspect the heat exchanger regularly by a trained professional as it helps them identify any cracks and faults in the heat exchanger. It helps to secure the home from carbon monoxide leaks, which are dangerous for health.

  • Lubricate and Clean the Motor Blower

Before lubricating the motor blower, it is essential to check its requirement in the owner’s manual. Lubricating and cleaning the motor blower ensures its smooth functioning and reduces the chances of failure.

  • Test the Igniter Switch

The newer systems have inbuilt electronic ignitors. If the ignitor is not working efficiently, then push the reset button. Still, if it fails to work, then call a service provider. They will do an in-depth check of the ignitor and identify the root cause of its failure.

  • Check the Chimney and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is essential to check the chimney as a lack of maintenance can cause carbon build-up in the home. Also, do a routine inspection of the carbon monoxide detectors as it is essential to protect your home from this.

  • Cover the AC Condenser

It is better to cover the air conditioner unit in the winter. It helps protect the AC unit from damage and ensures its efficiency for the coming summer.

  • Check the Nozzle and Tank Level

The oil unit requires oil filter changes along with a burner nozzle clean-up. It helps them run efficiently and reduces the chances of failure and costly repairs.


An efficiently working heating system is the foremost priority of homeowners. Therefore, it is essential to protect it from damage and breakdowns. Essential air provides quality services and is among one the best companies in Diamond Springs. Owners can contact us at (530) 919-0183 and [email protected]. We are happy to help!