How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?

As the temperature becomes hot in Folsom and Diamond Springs, CA, it is necessary to ensure your air conditioner’s efficiency. The AC must function effectively to keep your room comfortable throughout the summer months.

If you witness AC malfunctions, you must call your nearest AC contractors in Folsom, CA, to provide your AC solutions. How will you know that your AC is not working properly? Below are some warning signs that suggest immediate AC servicing.

Warning Signs Suggesting an AC Servicing

  • Inadequate Airflow

Insufficient airflow is a common sign that your AC is not functioning efficiently. It may suggest a blockage in the system restricting airflow through the ductwork. If inadequate airflow is common in your home, call your nearest AC contractors or AC servicing. You will find multiple technicians for AC service in Diamond Springs.

  • Warm Air

First, monitor the thermostat if you feel the warm air blow out by the AC vents. Adjust the switch to cooling mode and set it below the room’s current temperature. However, it suggests AC servicing if you still feel warm air coming out of the AC. Contact your nearby AC servicing agency immediately.

The scorching summer days mean sticky outdoor weather. It doesn’t mean you will expose yourself to high humidity indoors. But if the AC cannot control the moisture levels in your rooms, it is advisable to schedule an appointment for AC servicing. The technicians can diagnose the issues efficiently and recommend solutions.

  • Water Leaks

The AC relies on refrigerant to keep your indoor air cool. It also produces condensation during operation. Thus, these liquids must not leak or aggregate in your room. An active leak or pooled water is a potential sign that the AC is not working accurately. Leaks damage the AC unit rapidly, and thus it is advisable to call HVAC experts immediately to avoid any serious damage to the system.

  • Frequent Cycles

The AC follows regular cooling cycles irrespective of the weather conditions. The cooling system usually turns on frequently during hot, humid summer days. However, it must not cycle on and off continuously. If you are experiencing frequent cycles, don’t hesitate to contact the AC servicing agency.

  • Unpleasant Odors

If you smell unpleasant odors from the AC system, you need to eliminate this issue before it worsens. A quick diagnosis by the AC contractors will mark the actual problem with the Ac unit. The technicians can tell you whether a complete cleaning session or tune-up is required for the AC.

  • Sudden Noises

Low-level noises are evident in AC when they shut down or start up. However, noticing unusual or sudden noises every time the AC is switched on and off signals big issues with your AC cooling functions. Grinding or whistling noise may signal a serious issue with your AC unit. Don’t waste time diagnosing the issues alone and contact an expert team immediately.

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