Is A High-Efficiency Furnace Worth Your Money?

Purchasing a furnace is not as easy as it sounds. Before purchasing a furnace, a buyer has to consider various factors, ranging from selecting the right model to contacting a professional for heating service in Diamond Springs to install the furnace.

The first step to getting a new furnace is selecting one model from tens of options. Various owners feel they should purchase a cheaper model that provides lesser efficiency levels to save money, but this is not right. Buyers should consider buying a high-efficiency furnace instead of a lesser efficient model. Many reasons support the same:

  • Reduced Energy Bills

Cheaper models do not have higher efficiency levels, so they have to work for more hours so that a comfortable temperature is maintained, leading to higher energy bills.

However, models with high-efficiency levels do not have to work for more hours due to a high SEER rating, ultimately controlling your energy bills each month.

  • More Comfort

Cheaper furnaces have only one option for their speed, which means that the furnace will work at the same speed irrespective of the temperature outside.

Efficient furnace models usually have two heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger works slower when it is not too cold outside. If the temperature is too low, the second heat exchanger starts working to maintain the indoor temperature. This feature helps control your energy bills in the long run.

  • Less Noise

Suppose you are a student or need a quiet atmosphere while in your home, you should consider a high-efficient furnace instead of a cheaper one. An expensive furnace does not create noise while working, while a cheaper furnace usually makes a significant noise when it works.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Expensive furnaces have better air filters that remove even the finest pollutants in your indoor air, enhancing its quality significantly. However, a cheaper and less efficient furnace does not have high-quality filters to maintain indoor air quality. Also, a cheaper furnace will force you to contact your technician frequently for furnace repair in Diamond Springs due to dirty air filters.

  • Environmental Friendly

A high-efficient furnace does not consume too much natural gas, which means that it preserves the non-renewable resources, eventually preserving the environment.

  • Rebate Opportunities

Various furnace manufacturers offer rebate opportunities to buyers who purchase high-efficient furnaces instead of cheaper furnaces. Rebate opportunities motivate buyers to buy high-efficient furnaces to help save the environment.

If you live in the north climate zone, you need to buy a furnace with a 95% AFUE rating or more to get a rebate opportunity. If you live in the southern climate zone, you need to buy a furnace with a 90% AFUE rating or more to get a rebate opportunity.

Most of the cheap furnaces do not work with smart thermostats. Smart thermostats offer various benefits like regulating the furnace working hours and reminding the owners of maintenance schedules. To use a smart thermostat, you need to buy a furnace that matches its specifications.

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