Is It Worthwhile To Replace The Compressor In The Air Conditioner?

Even a perfect working AC may have some issues with the compressor. In the worst cases, the compressor stops working when you turn on the air conditioner to chill your house and detect no sound from the outdoor cabinet except the fan. It’s possible that the problem isn’t a broken compressor, but it’s also possible that it’s a broken capacitor or an electrical problem. You can look for AC service near you. The compressor can be described as the heart of your HVAC unit. It is here that energy is delivered to the refrigerant in order for it to circulate throughout the rest of the air conditioner. The refrigerant will not flow between the indoor and outdoor coils and chill the inside air of the house if the compressor is not present to convert the refrigerant into a high-pressure hot gas. You should look for air conditioning repair in Folsom. Read below to know is it really worth replacing the compressor or should I buy a new one?

Is This the End of Your AC Unit, or Can it be Saved?

The compressor is quite a costly component to get replaced. Since dead compressors are more common in aged air conditioner units, it’s a more cost-effective way to start over with a new air conditioner rather than spending money to replace a compressor that’s already losing energy and is just a few years away from being discarded. There are some options that you might try if something like that happens to your AC.
  • Replace Only the Compressor: Check the warranty on the air conditioning system, which usually covers 10 years of parts and labor. Is the compressor still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty? If that’s the case, just replace the compressor; the warranty will cover the rest.
  • Replace the Condenser: The compressor, fan, and condenser coil are all contained in the outdoor cabinet of the condenser unit. Although this is less expensive than a complete AC replacement, we don’t advocate it unless your present budget prevents you from undertaking a larger project.
  • Replacing the Air Conditioner With a New One: This necessitates the replacement of the condenser as well as the indoor evaporator coil. (The air handler is welcome to stay.) You’ll get a new guarantee as a result, and you won’t have to worry about a mismatched indoor and outdoor system reducing energy efficiency.
  • Replacing the HVAC System: A complete overhaul of your central air conditioning system is needed. If your old furnace isn’t performing as it should, this is a viable choice. It is less expensive to replace the air conditioner and heater all at once rather than stagger them out.
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