Is Your Furnace Making Odd Noises?

Owners have often expressed concern when identifying signs of trouble in their HVAC system. Identifying the type of HVAC noise you hear is integral in diagnosing a problem with your appliance. Sometimes a humming or popping sound may not be as concerning as it may seem, while a seemingly harmless hissing sound may herald a breakdown.

To help you comprehend such signs, we have put together a few common HVAC noises and what they indicate so that you can schedule a service visit accordingly.

1. Screeching Noise

A screeching noise may indicate a problem with one or more bearings of your furnace’s motors. Inadequate lubrication can lead to such furnace issues. However, you must check your filters and registers for anything stuck between the ducts.

2. Rattling Noise

The moment when a rattling noise becomes prominent denotes the kind of problem your furnace might be facing. If the sound presents itself after you have turned your furnace off, it could be the metal components cooling down; if you hear it after you have turned your appliance on, there might be an issue with the blower motor. In either case, such noise should not be left untreated for long and must be inspected by a professional right away.

3. Loud Booming Noise

A Loud booming noise can be caused by one or two elements of your HVAC system. Poor duct installation or flimsy ducts tend to contract and expand with heat more than usual, creating a loud booming noise. Get in touch with a trusted contractor for a heat pump installation Folsom, CA, to quickly repair your faulty ducts.

Another cause of such noise can be your furnace’s ignition switch. Sometimes, sufficient gas builds up in the combustion chambers as the pilot switch struggles to ignite. When the ignition finally happens, the built gas is ignited, creating a loud booming noise. Get in touch with your HVAC service provider or your gas supplier to check your gas supply system if such issues become frequent.

4. Clanking or Popping

A clunking or popping is most likely to come from your furnace’s pipes or connecting system. When the ducts or pipes cannot cool down sufficiently, they often make popping or clunking noises.

5. Whining or Hissing

A hissing noise usually indicates a leak in an HVAC system. A refrigerant leak is most commonly known to cause such noise, in which case, you must turn your HVAC system off.

6. Crackling Noise

Metal parts of your furnace also cause such noise as they cool down. If they become louder or more frequent over time, you must schedule furnace repair right away as some parts of your furnace may be failing or getting loose.

7. Banging Noise

A banging noise can be traced to a broken blower motor belt. Over a period of continued use, belts can crack and break because of operational wear and tear. A furnace tune-up Folsom, CA, can replace a broken belt in no time to restore and even boost your furnace’s performance.

8. Chirping Noise

A misaligned wheel, a loose motor, or faulty bearings are notorious for causing such disturbances. A chirping noise should be examined and resolved by an expert technician only.

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