Major Problems To Look Out For In A Gas Furnace

When everything in your home’s furnace is working correctly, it can maintain the temperature inside at a pleasant, warm level. You may not detect problems driving in the background when everything is running smooth. Even though your furnace is designed to last a long period, anything might go wrong at any moment. Most of the time, a furnace issue is pretty simple to resolve. A qualified technician from our furnace tune-up in Folsom CA can rapidly fix the issue, or a homeowner may troubleshoot the problem themselves.

Understanding the problems and knowing how to cure some of the most frequent furnace issues in the winter might help you in the long run.

The Four Most Common Furnace Issues


Some furnace issues arise more often than others. In some cases, a serious problem with your furnace may be a simple fix. Mentioned below are the most typical furnace issues.

  • The Heat Isn’t Coming From Your Furnace

Your furnace has just one job: to circulate warm air throughout your house, keeping you and everyone else who lives there warm when it’s chilly outside. It’s common to be concerned when a furnace stops providing heat, but it’s not a significant problem in many cases. If your thermostat has a fan setting, it might be one of the reasons your furnace is moving air but not creating heat. The stove will blow air through the house when the fan setting is switched on but not heat.

  • Your Furnace is Constantly On/Off

A furnace warms your house by cycling on and off to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. A furnace may cycle on to heat the room or residence to the appropriate temperature, then cycle off numerous times an hour, depending on the set temperature and the external temperature.

  • Your Furnace Doesn’t Turn On By Itself

Your furnace turns on and provides heat once it receives the signal from the thermostat if everything is in working order. However, if it is not turning on and your house is becoming cold, there may be a problem. Like other furnace problems, the problem might be a simple remedy or a hint of a significant problem with the heating system.

  • Water is Leaking From Your Furnace

Condensation leaks in some furnaces may cause water to pool around the stove’s base. An excellent exhaust function is usually included in a highly efficient furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating above 90%. Rather than metal pipes, PVC exhaust pipes are often used in high-efficiency furnaces.

They also include condensation pipes that drain the water as the burning fuel cools. Water may pool around the bottom of the furnace if the condensation line gets blocked or otherwise develops a leak. If this occurs, the best thing you can do is get a specialist to look into it. Search for heating repair near me on the internet and call Essential Air Heating and Air Conditioning at (530) 919-0183.