Signs That Say Your Furnace Needs Your Attention

Keeping your furnace in working order must be one of your top priorities. After all, there is nothing worse than being stuck with a faulty furnace in winter. Ideally, you won’t have to hear or give a thought to your furnace except during annual maintenance.

Your home should overflow with clean filtered air that offers warmth and comfort to your family. However, this is easier said than done. A neglected furnace is a potential hazard to your and your family’s health. So, identifying when your furnace requires repairs can help you enjoy quality indoor comfort.

Five Signs That Indicate Your Furnace Needs Attention


1. Discolored Pilot or Ignition Light

Typically, your furnace’s pilot/ignition light should be blue. But, if the light is a different color, like yellow, it can indicate concerning levels of carbon monoxide. The odorless gas poses a danger to your family’s health.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector can also help you detect gas leakage so that you can get in touch with one of the heating companies in Diamond Springs on time.

2. Abnormal Smells and Persistent Noises

If you get a strong fuel smell near the heating unit or an odor that does not dispel over time, your furnace may have an issue. These smells may be due to gas leaks or excessive dust in the unit. Contacting HVAC experts can help you determine the exact cause.

Additionally, loud noises like squealing and whistling because of belt or fan issues or banging and groaning due to broken and loose internal components can lead to grave problems.

3. Insufficient Heating

If your unit is not doing its job–heating your home–then it needs attention. If your furnace is producing no heat or only a low level of heat, even with the correct thermostat settings, you will notice cold and hot patches across your house.

4. Unusual Utility Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your gas and energy bills, it may indicate that your furnace is operating inefficiently and requires repairs. Usually, energy bills fluctuate with seasonal changes. But, an inexplicable increase means your furnace is utilizing more energy and running longer than it should keep your home warm.

5. Obvious Signs of Rust and Age

Sometimes, the way your furnace looks, it offers enough evidence that it needs attention. Difficulty in starting the unit, water leaks, rust on gas pipe/furnace, or gaps in ducts, all indicate your furnace requires some TLC. Contacting professional heating companies in Diamond Springs like Essential Air can ensure your furnace gets adequate support in time.

Essential Air: Indoor Air Quality Experts

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