The 3 Most Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

Installing the AC system is an essential step in the AC installation process. According to the heat pump contractors in Folsom, CA, it helps in determining the efficiency and performance of the AC system functioning in the future.

1. 3 Mistakes that Homeowners Should Avoid During AC Installation

Most inefficient air issues arise from improper AC unit installation. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid during the installation:

  • Wrong Size

There will be implications if your heat pump’s size differs from your home’s size. A heat pump that is too large will cycle quickly, putting unnecessary strain on the blower motor and driving up your energy costs. Additionally, rapid cycling can cause the unit to overheat. To fulfil your heating and cooling needs, a heat pump that is too small will have to operate non stop throughout the day.

To perform effectively, your heat pump must produce an airtight seal between the interior cabinet and the ductwork during installation. Cracked ducts can cause a significant drop in air pressure, making it more difficult to circulate air throughout your home due to the increased airflow resistance.

Another potentially dangerous error that can occur while installing a heat pump is failing to add a suitable quantity of refrigerant. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system, its performance may decrease, and there is a chance that the heater will be destroyed.

If you observe a decline in the heating or cooling capacity of the system, you should contact a specialist for heat pump installation in Folsom, CA, as soon as possible.

2. Things that you Should Do at the Time of AC Installation

Here are some things that you should keep in mind while installing the air conditioning system:

  • Find a reliable and professional HVAC company

A reliable and professional company’s cooling and heat pump installation in Folsom, CA, has the experience and skills to install the AC unit precisely. The technicians will use the latest tools and follow all the protocols to maintain the industry standards for installation.

  • Select the air conditioning system after considering all the essential aspects

There are vital factors that every household owner should consider if they are purchasing an AC unit. Remember, an air conditioning system is an investment and will be a part of your household for the next ten years. Factors that you should consider are:

  • AC system’s cooling capacity
  • AC technology
  • Quality parts and warranty on the components
  • SEER levels
  • Noise levels
  • Choose a convenient time for AC installation

Installing an air conditioning system precisely and accurately requires time and patience. It is better to choose a time when you can overlook the installation process without any hurry to get back to work.

  • Install the outdoor unit under the shade

If you are installing the outdoor AC system in your backyard or have a rooftop air conditioning system, install it in a place where it does not receive much sunlight. You can also install a sunshade over the AC unit to protect the components from sunlight.


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