What Happens When You Don’t Change The Air Filter?

When we think about which parts are responsible for the functioning of our AC, we keep the compressor at the top and then think about its condenser unit, motor, insulator, and power supply. Still, the part we least care about is the AC filter.

If it gets damaged, the filter can damage all other parts of the AC. Therefore the air filter of your air conditioning system needs your attention too. After AC installation in Folsom, CA, its maintenance is your next responsibility. The replacement of AC filters is the most important part of AC maintenance.

Importance of Air Filters For An Air Conditioner

The air filter protects us, and our AC. Air filter traps the pollutants and prevents harmful components from entering the other AC parts and our body.

It traps dust and toxic particles and protects us from various health issues. The famous saying” health is wealth” indicates how precious our health is. We should take care of it well. For this reason, an AC filter has a prominent role to play in the functioning of your air conditioner.

Drawbacks of Not Changing The AC Filter

  • AC is Unable to Fulfill the Purpose of Cooling

As an air filter is clogged, it will be unable to block the way for dirt particles. It will slowly start reducing the efficiency of airflow. There will be an imbalance in the airflow.

The AC will then start cooling less. If the air filter replacement is neglected for more time, your AC will stop cooling completely.

  • AC needs Replacement Sooner Than you Expected

The average duration of an AC’s lifespan is 12 to 15 years. However, the AC filter affects another part of your AC too.

The AC unit will get damaged sooner than you expected due to dirty filters, and you will need AC replacement in Folsom, CA. In simple words, AC filter replacement enhances the lifespan of your AC.

  • Your Health will Bear its Consequences Too

The clogged AC filter will release unfiltered air, leading to several diseases. The pollutant circulating all over the room will make you sick.

We neglect ac filter replacement at the office than at home most of the time. This negligence will keep the health of your employees at great risk. Timely replacement of the air filter is required at both places.

Besides frequent cleaning, the washable air filter also needs replacement once or twice every year. Wash your washable air filter every week for the best efficiency.

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