What Is Included In A Heating System Tune Up?

Maintaining your heating system is similar to visiting the doctor for regular check-ups. By performing regular preventative maintenance, you can save money and avoid the need to search online for a “furnace replacement near me”.

Scheduling a tune-up appointment can help ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and can help prevent costly breakdowns, especially during the winter months when you rely on your furnace the most. In addition to saving money, regular maintenance can also help improve your home’s overall comfort and safety.

What's Included In A Heating System Tune-Up?

  • Inspection of the Burner: Our experts ensure your furnace’s burner is clean so it can continue functioning to its full potential.
  • Cleaning your Air Filters: Cleaning air filters can improve airflow and keep your indoor air from getting contaminated with harmful toxins.
  • Cleaning the Blower: As the blower plays a significant role in ensuring that your indoor air is clean, it is essential to wash them during furnace tune-up in Folsom, CA, so that its efficiency is not hindered.
  • Test the Combustion Air Openings: A test will verify that there is no blockage; if one is, our expert will remove it.
  • Examining the Combustion Chamber: Any contaminant within the combustion chamber could hinder proper heating and create a significant danger to your safety. Our professionals will clear this up to ensure you have a safe appliance.
  • Repairing Thermostats: Our technician can adjust your home’s thermostat to a temperature that meets your requirements.
  • Inspection of Heat Exchangers: Heat exchangers are the basis of the entire system and are especially significant when the system must be tested.
  • Inspection of the Flue: Our experts can inspect the flue and check if contaminants block a duct pipe or if products from combustion are in the process of accumulating.
  • Lubricating Moving Components: Providing parts with the right amount of lubrication can ensure that the furnace does not start making loud noises.
  • Checking for Cracks on Belts: While the cracks in the belt may not be apparent, a thorough examination of the system during a furnace tune-up in Folsom, CA, is required to ensure that even the tiniest cracks are identified and repaired.
  • Replacing a Thermocouple: A thermocouple is a device that measures the temperature within the system; therefore, experts need to test it since it is one of the main reasons for early failure.
  • The Pilot Light should be Adjusted: The pilot light must work properly to ensure the system turns on. Our experts will also examine the hue of the pilot lights since a yellow pilot light may indicate the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Connecting Electrical Wires to Tighten them: Electrical connections may loosen over time, mainly when used in a structure such as a heating system. Therefore, tightening the connections is an important task.
  • Examining the Gas Lines for Leaks: A gas leak can be the biggest safety risk. However, fortunately, our heating experts have the knowledge and the equipment to find even the most minor leaks, which could save the home from an explosion or fire.
  • Verify Safety Controls: Safety should always be the primary concern regarding heating systems, and the safety controls must be regularly checked to ensure that the furnace does not put anyone’s health in danger.

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