What Is The Most Efficient Way To Run AC?

Using your air conditioner effectively doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable. Now is an excellent time to go over some of the ways you may use air conditioning systems more effectively, not just to save on your electric bill or AC repair in Folsom, CA, but also to benefit the environment.

How To Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioner?

In reality, you can do a few things to increase how well your system cools your house. Additionally, it can guard against unneeded AC replacement in Folsom, CA, saving you time and hassle.

To Get The Most Out Of Your AC, Follow These Instructions:

  • Get your Filters Clean

Your system will run more efficiently if you are regularly clean or replace your filters. Clogged filters force the system to work harder than necessary, which can cause accelerated wear and tear or full failure. Your air conditioner will work less hard to keep your house cooler if the filters are clean.

  • Close the Drapes and Draw the Blinds

The temperature inside your home might rise significantly due to direct and even indirect sunlight, which forces your air conditioner to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. Keep the drapes drawn during the day to make your system run more effectively.

  • For Air Circulation, use Fans

Fans are a simple and efficient technique to keep any living space cool. You can reposition ceiling fans, floor fans, and even small desktop fans, so they are blowing directly on you to cool you off even more. These fans circulate the air to help lower temperatures. If you have fans operating, you may discover that you can change the temperature of your air conditioner.

When you’re uncomfortable and overheated, it’s tempting to keep adjusting the thermostat. However, our experts advise settling on a temperature you can tolerate and maintain. In such cases, getting AC repair in Folsom, CA, is a good option.

  • Remove the Heated Air

Use the exhaust fan over your stove if you’re cooking. Use a floor fan to vent the burning air from the kitchen if you don’t have an exhaust fan.

Warm temperatures will feel considerably warmer when there is humidity. So, if your home has a dehumidifier, use it. Using your dehumidifier with floor and ceiling fans can help you feel more comfortable. You might discover that you can increase the temperature of your air conditioner or use it less.

  • Maintain Shade for your Outdoor AC Unit

A home’s north side is the best location for an air conditioner. You can plant trees or shrubs to provide shade for your outside unit, though this isn’t always viable depending on how your house is laid out.

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