What’s The Cheapest Way To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer?

Are you looking for alternate affordable ways to protect yourself from the heatwave in California? Installation and maintenance of your air conditioner can be challenging and expensive. AC companies in Folsom, CA, can be costly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable.

Below are tried and tested hacks that will help you enjoy a peaceful sleep in the middle of the harsh summer even without an air conditioner.

Five Affordable Ways Of Keeping Your Home Cool During Summers

  • Close all Blinds and Use Curtains

By closing all windows and shutting down the blinds, you can prevent hot air from entering your room and effectively cool down your room up to 2 degrees. Do this during peak summer hours and enjoy the benefits throughout the day.

  • Use Ice or Cold Water in Front of the Fan for Cooler Air

Dipping a cotton cloth in cold water or placing ice in front of the table fan will generate much cooler air. You can also use the dipped cloth as a blanket for sleeping. By adding indoor plants, you not only improve the air quality in your home but also help reduce the humidity inside your room.

  • Turn Off Extra Lights

Lights, when turned on, generate a lot of heat. Switching off extra lights and installing white lights instead of yellow lights will help you reduce the temperature inside the room, and the tone provides a much more soothing and cooler experience. Avoid gas and stove usage to prevent heat generation.

  • Use Fans and Coolers

The kitchen generates hotter fumes after cooking and significantly increases the l temperature inside the home. The bathroom, too, can get pretty hot and humid. Installing exhaust fans in the hotter areas of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom, will help you remove the hot and humid air and keep your home cooler.

  • Invest in Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

A central air conditioner is much more efficient and cost-effective than individual AC units. With smart investment, you can now enjoy a peaceful sleep. Until then, you can use breathable fabric like silk and linen, which will help you improve ventilation and reduce sweat.

Alternate Affordable Electrical Appliances For Cooling Other Than An Air Conditioner

  • Evaporative Air Coolers

They are very effective electric cooling appliances during dry climates. They are portable and cost between 70-1,000 dollars. They are free of chemicals and circulate healthy, cooler air inside your home.

  • Installing Ceiling Fans in all parts of the Home

They do not lower the temperature but help in air circulation inside your room. They are highly energy-efficient and require little to no servicing. Installing fans in your home allows manual ventilation, improving the air quality.


Investing and maintaining an air conditioner can be expensive. These hacks will relieve you amid a heatwave and help you save hundreds of dollars on installation and AC repair in Folsom, CA. For more information, visit Essential Air. We provide skilled technicians for all your HVAC needs. Contact us today.